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What we basically provide is an extremely efficient pixel-aimbot that reads the enemies HP bars or nameplates and helps you take down your target in seconds.
SharpEye is fully external carefully designed with unique coding mechanisms and strong engineering in order to provide you the very best of performance and quality.
Give it a try and you wont get unsatisfied!

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Question and Answer

It supports Windows 10 and Windows 7 (It performs much better on windows 10). (For those who re still on Windows 8 i would recommend to upgrade)
It supports every resolution up to 4k (you may need to change the offsets tho through your settings)
NO! This is an external pixel bot where it scans your monitor only.
There are 0 reports so far on various accounts about getting screen locked with sharpeye.
SharpEye is aesthetic and super light-friendly to your cpu. Keep in mind tho that you will need some power in order to run it because all the pixel bots are fps dependable. For instance a pc that barely gives 60 fps will may have some performance issues.
We accept paypal and will add Bitcoins in future.
Just choose your version link, complete your purchase and exactly after that my emails will instruct you what to do. Please CHECK your E MAILS
First of all make sure you have followed my automated instruction Rocketr e mail! The delivery will be given in a maximum 24 hour strict time line. We carefully check each license and build carefully, so please be patient!
Yes we are. You will be given specific discord staff names if requested) and only for (issues-troubleshoots) or anything that concerns you about our product. We re not trying to build a community, we want to provide you the best of what you paying for. We chose to close the channel for security reasons. Anything that concerns you can be solved through e mails or discord live support.
No and we will not ever will. I hope my vouches and reviews can speak for you.

Our Support will guide you through our e mail.

Compatibility: Windows 7 – 8 – 10 x64

Refund Policy


With respect to any products and services purchased from SharpEye Project on you hereby understand and agree as follows:

Charges. Refunds. You  agree to pay SharpEye Project the amount charged to your credit card/Paypal at the time you place your online Subscription order (rocketr). Once charged and paid, the Subscription fee is non-refundable for all purposes.

Term. The Term of the Subscription begins upon successful processing of your online credit card/Paypal transaction and shall continue in full force and effect for the period of time you have subscribed to. I hope my vouches will make you understand that we keep a level of professionalism.

Good luck to ya all!

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say about sharp eye overwatch

“ANA-BOT For those who are one trick Ana and want to experience how it looks like, you can give it a shot!
Disclaimer: It will NOT heal whenyou re grouped with friends. In that case, you will need to leave the group while you are on team selection. You will also have always a tiny little shake but it will not affect at all any potg.”

Buyer / Buyer

“This Project is hands down, AMAZING.

Aimbot = 10/10 The tracking is simply immaculate. With the right settings you’ll never miss a beat (or headshot ) with the incredible aim. Tracer/Sombra/Soldier have all earned me top golds in these last few days of the season. Haven’t been called out for “hacking”, and likely never will be because it looks so darn real
Triggerbot 9/10 It is amazing at it’s job, and it looks totally legit while doing it. Makes snipes with ease on Widow, and turns McCree into total a Beast when used;3
Support=10/10 Sharp eye support is absolutely amazing. They will not stop until your problem is resolved, and are very quick to answer any support emails. Admins are friendly and treat you like a valued customer right off the bat.

Not a single regret in this purchase. Can’t wait to move on a lifetime
Keep up the great work!
My last Deathmatch with Sharpeye. It was a freaking BLAST.”

Shadyke / Buyer

10/10 bot after fixing my issue. Triggerbot is the one you’ll love with this bot.

I purchase the bot yesterday and I had a few hiccups with the bot in win7. Did a fresh OS install and worked fine but not great. so I talked to the support and asked a few questions and I decided to install win10 instead and see if that would fix the issue. And.. that did it! bot works perfectly in win10 (I’m not sure if I’m the only one experiencing the issue with win7).

Overall, the bot is perfect. I have used cf, xaim, sgbot and rose, but sharpeye is probably one of the best bot I’ve used in a long time, and probably the best bot in the market atm.

Keep up the good work Sharpeye! I will probably get the lifetime soon. Thank you!”

weh221 / Buyer

“So here is my review after 2days of playing with it.

Support is amazing, even helped me with my Configs and gave me good tips to use. Super cool Guy there. 11/10

Aimbot is freaky good man. 10/10 it hits nearly every shot with good configs. Just won in that 2days 900SR thats crazy.

I cant say something about that Triggerbot becouse im not playing with that. I dont play widow or something like that but maybe in future so i will Update it.

All overall its an Amazing bot and i will upgrade from 1month to Lifetime!
Thank you realy much for your work here!”

megakill32 / Buyer

“10/10 Aimbot – Very Very VERY Smoth and Legit. If you dnt use 1080p you may have to tweek a little bit, but after all You will have a full support for it!
9/10 TriggerBot – Trigger work as well. If you compare with the last best pixelBots, this is THE BEST one (unless you wanna pay $600bucks montly for a memory hack)
100/10 Support – All (i said ALL) my questions were solved quickly. Sometime when you shot as widow and dnt hit HS (its normal in legit games) and you keep pressing the trigger button, the aim will be locked tracing the enemy (Most of cases in legit way) and its a little annoying. They could set a delay so after shot the triggerbot would have a delay btw the next shots.

About Security, lets see when the updates come out and how the coder(s) will handle.

10/10 after all – TOTALLY RECOMMENDED.”

asoarestorres / Buyer

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  • Tracking Aimbot
  • 5 hero Profiles
  • Unlimited Discord support
  • NOHP Bar Scan
  • Single Target Scan
  • Trigger-Bot for all hit scans Widow – Ashe – Mcree

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  • Tracking Aimbot
  • 10 hero Profiles
  • Unlimited Discord support
  • NOHP Bar Scan
  • Single Target Scan
  • Trigger-Bot for all hit scans Widow – Ashe – Mcree

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